COURT TV – "Haunting Evidence"

"When a woman walking her dog on the beach finds the dead body of a woman whose hands have been severed, the total lack of fingerprints leaves her identity a mystery. 32 years have passed since the gruesome discovery, but local police still remain committed to cracking this baffling case. Can an unorthodox team of paranormal investigators help point police in the right direction?"

In July, 2006, a producer from Court TV contacted Ms. Steinberg and asked if she would be able to assist on a 32 year-old homicide of a white female in Provincetown, Massachusetts. At the time of death the victim’s age was approximated at 25-35 years-old. Although facial reconstructions were done in the past the victim remained unidentified.

Early theories had the victim as a runaway, 60’s flower child, or possibly a foreign visitor. The police investigators believed that if an "age regression" was done, someone from her prerunaway/dropout past would recognize her as a 1960’s high-schooler and be able to provide a name for "The Lady in the Dunes."

Investigators hope to get new leads by profiling the case on Court TV. If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

Provincetown Police
Sgt. Warren Tobias
You may remain anonymous when submitting information.

To view facial reconstructions go to: