Forensic Art Essentials: A Manual for Law Enforcement Artists

In April 2007 Lois Gibson contacted Steinberg and asked to include the cover and some pages from the Steinberg Facial Identification Catalog in her textbook, Forensic Art Essentials published by Elsevier Incorporated. In the book Steinberg’s Catalog is described as "the ultimate visual aid."

Book Description:
Forensic Art Essentials serves as a guide for forensic art professionals as well as a call to law enforcement agencies to expand the use of this valuable forensic tool.

In Forensic Are Essentials Lois Gibson provides insight as to the best way to responsibly interview and extract information from victims/witnesses to develop accurate composite sketches. The book also provides step-by-step illustrations of how to reconstruct a face from a skull, age progressions of known fugitives and offers solutions to a multitude of common problems that occur in the field of forensic art. With 500 full-color illustrations, this book is an essential tool for any forensic artist.

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