People Magazine - Finding Lost Loved Ones

Sue D’Agostino from Islip, New York saw a PSA about NamUs on TV. She had not heard from her brother, David Brennesholtz, for nearly 10 years, but no one had ever filed a missing persons report. Sue began searching the unidentified side of NamUs. Eventually, she saw the photo from Clearwater & recognized her brother as NamUs case #2297.

The public’s ability to search NamUs has been instrumental in resolving several cases since the system’s inception in January 2009. Brennenholz’s adentification allowed the Medical Examiner’s Office and Police to close their cases, and brought resolution to a family. Sue D’Agostino does not think she would have ever found her brother had she not seen his photo (created by Samantha Steinberg) on NamUs and may not have thought to look for him in Florida.