The Denver Post – “Douglas County Coroner to exhume body of girl found at campground in 1993”

Samantha Steinberg was asked to consult on a cold case from Colorado. In 1993 the unidentified remains of a white female were discovered at a campground in Douglas County. For nearly 20 years she has remained unidentified. In October 2012 the body was exhumed for DNA testing. In addition, the skull and mandible were shipped to Steinberg in order for her to create a facial reconstruction of the deceased.

“"I just want to get her identified. I want to give her back to her loved ones so that they have the opportunity to know what happened," said Charles Brining, chief deputy coroner for Douglas County, who is leading the effort and has successfully identified bodies in South Florida, where he formerly worked.

Brining also is reaching out to a former colleague, Samantha Steinberg, a forensic artist with the Miami-Dade Police Department.

Steinberg is in the process of finishing a facial reconstruction of what the girl would have looked like when she was killed in 1993.

"It's not only a whodunit; it's a who is it?" Steinberg said.

If she is identified, investigators can then talk to people who knew her and maybe people who knew who she was with during the time she disappeared.”