Postmortem Drawings



amantha Steinberg is an artist with a mission. As lead forensic artist with the largest metropolitan police department in the Southeast United States, she is tasked with running one of the busiest forensic art units in the country. Her work, has accounted for several hundred identifications of criminal suspects, primarily for her department as well as on a special request basis for other municipal and federal law enforcement agencies nationwide.

Steinberg, a formally trained illustrator and graphic artist, is a graduate of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. When an early career in advertising left her feeling unfulfilled, she decided that art in the service of the public good was her calling.

Steinberg and her artwork have been featured on several local news channels, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Telemundo International, The Today Show, The Learning Channel, A&E, Court TV, America’s Most Wanted, CSI and CSI:Miami. Steinberg was also the subject of a documentary film, CODE 33, which was screened at numerous film festivals nationwide. CODE 33 was subsequently purchased by A&E and aired as a two hour feature film titled “Miami Manhunt.” In addition, Steinberg has also been featured numerous times in print media including Detective Michael Streed’s book “Sketch Cop – True Stories From Those Who Draw The Line Against Crime,” and Lois Gibson’s text book “Forensic Art Essential: A Manual for Law Enforcement Artists.” Gibson describes Steinberg’s Facial Identification Catalog as the “ultimate visual aid” and an essential tool for all practicing and aspiring forensic artists.

Steinberg continues to be driven by the desire to assist both the victims of violent crimes and law enforcement officers in the identification, apprehension and ultimately the prosecution of criminal offenders. Steinberg is excited to share her creativity, insights and expertise with aspiring and seasoned forensic artists, teaching her successful techniques at this exclusive seminar.

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